Altamont Receives 2016 Sky High Growth Award

Mike Falknor, business development lead for Altamont, was a member of the Altamont team that accepted the 2016 Sky High Growth Award.

Altamont Environmental, Inc. was honored to receive the 2016 Sky High Growth Award from the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce on April 21. The award was accepted by Altamont president Stuart Ryman, P.G., business development lead Mike Falknor, and geologist Seth Goad.

It is the second consecutive year Altamont has been a winner in the category. This award from the Chamber recognizes businesses in Western North Carolina that have outstanding growth in revenue and employment.

“Altamont’s strong growth reflects the vibrant opportunities for businesses and institutions in North Carolina—and the dedication of Altamont and all its employees to support them with excellent services and genuine customer commitment,” says Falknor. “The award is a compliment for our staff, as well as a testament to the work they do each day in our community.”

Altamont provides a wide breadth of services, including environmental assessment and remediation, civil engineering, site planning, landscape design, commercial and industrial compliance, solid waste management, and water resources services.

“We are grateful to the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce for this recognition,” Falknor says. “We appreciate all the work the Chamber does to support smart strategic growth for businesses and organizations in Western North Carolina.”

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