Civil Engineering

UNCA image for civil engineering at AltamontCivil Site Design
  • Sewer System Design and Permitting
  • Grading, Drainage, and Pond Design
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control
  • Water Supply Systems
  • Wastewater Treatment and Disposal
  • Brownfields Redevelopment
Regulatory Permitting and Compliance
Hydrology and Hydraulic Modeling
Construction Administration
Multi-Modal Transportation
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian
  • Complete Streets Design
  • Greenways and Multi-Use Pathway
  • Trails
Stormwater Services
  • Stormwater Control Measures (SCM) Design and Permitting (Bioretention, Constructed Wetlands, Detention Basins, Wet Ponds)
  • Stormwater Collection and Management
  • Stormwater Regulatory Inspections
  • Low Impact Development
  • Stormwater Damage Mitigation
Larchmont image for civil engineering at AltamontDam Services
  • Emergency Action Planning
  • Dam Inspection Services
  • Lake Dredging
  • Dam Removal
  • Inundation Mapping